Episode #0: Wrestling is for Everyone

Meet Miles, a die-hard professional wrestling fan, and MeganBob, an open-minded wrestling neophyte. Together, they are attempting to do something that, to their knowledge, has never been done before: produce a wrestling podcast about how to watch wrestling. Part episodic review show, part educational show, part game show, and part raw creative outlet, The NXT Wrestling Fan is a podcast of fights and feels, highlighting all that is wonderful, hilarious, and sexy about pro wrestling while serving as a friendly, inclusive guide to any who seek to enter this uniquely bizarre world.

On this pre-launch primer episode:

  • Miles and Bob briefly explain how and why this podcast exists
  • Miles explains the fundamental basics of pro wrestling, including the ring, the rules, and the referee
  • Miles and Bob discuss why the podcast revolves primarily around NXT
  • Bob learns her first wrestling term and takes her first pop quiz

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