Welcome to The NXT Wrestling Fan, a bi-weekly podcast for pro wrestling newcomers who don’t know what a turnbuckle is, why the guy in the striped shirt keeps falling down, or where they should even start trying to jump into this weird, insular world. In short, people like MeganBob, who wants to understand pro wrestling but has no idea how to go about it. Fortunately, her co-host, Miles Schneiderman, knows a fantastic entry point: NXT, the developmental TV show turned worldwide phenomenon due to the quality of its storytelling both inside and outside the ring. Together, Bob and Miles are taking a journey back to the halcyon days of 2013, where they will begin watching NXT, episode by episode. Miles will answer all Bob’s questions about what she’s seeing and serve as her guide in the wrestling world, while Bob will answer multiple choice questions, write sexy fanfic, and bring her unique perspective to bear on the bizarre spectacle of sports entertainment. NXT die-hards can relive the magical history of one of the best wrestling shows on the planet, but more importantly, the wrestling cautious and wrestling curious will find a welcoming and inclusive home here, as The NXT Wrestling Fan explains not just why you should watch wrestling, but also how to begin.

This website is still in its tadpole phase, but we will be adding much more in the coming days and weeks!

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